The "HAWK" video below, was created using FREE Riva FLV Encoder 2.0 to convert the 500 meg .AVI to 12 meg FLV and with NO audio.
I also used Flash Video Player 3.99 (also free)
Instructions on how to embed FLV video on your web site are found on or on if you use FlowPlayer

This is a Hawk I video taped Sept 22. 2006 but it was chased away by crows.
(Note: The video shakes due to using 25X optical zoom w/o a tripod)

Another video I did from March 17, 2007 (St Patrick's Day)
The original AVI video was 4 gig, but Riva encoded this down to 16 megs in FLV format!
This video is of a Crow, a Plane, and a Rainbow!(No Audio)

See still shot images from video MARCH 17, 2007 - St Patrick's Day .
I used Magic Pic2Ani (freeware) to create the SWF file and uploaded to Image Shack.

Another VERY COOL thing you can do is use FREE Riva FLV Encoder 2.0 to convert FLV videos to .AVI or .MPG!!!
Read instructions how to convert FLV files on

This is a flash video (in .swf format) that I put together from some of the recent Mount Hood Dec 2006 tragedy. These are various pics I saw on forums, on the news, on videos, on webcams etc. The song is called "Journey's End" by Jonathon Martin Gordon, Scott P. Schreer
"Mount Hood Dec 2006" in .swf format, 15 megs
RIGHT Click here to Download

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