Keeping in Touch!

Below are just a few ideas to keep in touch as well as meeting others out there for FREE

Also visit here for Free Internet Service Providers (ISP's)

Freshtel / FireFly SoftPhone - by Virbiage is a FREE fully featured softphone which includes your own personal Firefly phone number (you can choose one they offer you, or make one one up yourself). FireFly also includes instant text messaging and Voice Mail (you get a Voice mail box so people can leave you a message when you are unavailable or not on the Internet) This excellent program does NOT have Adware, Spyware or causes pop-ups! Great for Home, Business, Schools or anyone wanting to communicate around the world for free.
Check out Firefly Enjoy this for FREE

CQPhone - This is an excellent internet Telephone with Text + Voice + Video! The program is very easy to install and NOT a PC Resource hog as Yahoo or MSN are. Not only does it work with various Webcams, but I got this to work with my DV Camcorder that is hooked up via Firewire. You can use CQPhone privately with another user or you can visit their various chat rooms. AND your assigned CQPhone number is kept private - Read the FAQ's here
READ the reviews from SnapFiles here
Check out CQ Phone website here

InSpeak- Tired of pop-ups, and noisy annoying adds? Well, then check out Inspeak! A great way to meet new friends, meet up with old friends, create your own VOICE chat room and more!
Download InSpeak from here

- is a Free voice, text, video chat program that is Windows, Mac, and Pocket PC compatible. Ineen also includes Audio Conferencing (up 10 people - read FAQ to add 20 people), and Video Conferencing (up to 4 people) and much more! INEEN is easy to setup and does NOT have Adware or Spyware
Visit INEEN here

QNext - is BIG, really big in ALL what it can do: A universal messenger, photo sharing, group text chat, music streaming, audio chat, file transfer, file sharing, online gaming, video conferencing, remote access and more!
It's fun & free - check out here

Global Communication Network - One world, One Network and all for FREE! With this you can, Video and voice chat with friends and family, Communicate on AIM, MSN, Yahoo and ICQ,Send and Receive E-mail between members, Play games and draw together with friends, Share documents, music, and photos, Browse the Web, and listen to MP3s, Meet new people in the GCN Chat Rooms, Create and administer your own Chat Rooms, Apply new interfaces through GCN skins, Communicate privately and securely, Translate languages, and much more!
Download this oustanding program here Share with your friends and family!

CUWorld - Free Webcam Chat rooms-See and hear people live!
Download here

AnyWebCam- Watch, Chat, Show, Interact and have fun!
Join for FREE here !

Trillian - by Curulean Studios- The BASIC version is free, but only their PRO version supports video chat. Trillian supports mIRC, AIM, ICQ, MSN, and Yahoo Messenger
Take the tour and download it free

ICQ - Is free, fun to use, and many people use it over any other live chat communication. The nice thing about this is that you can leave your contacts messages even if they are not on line, file transfers, private chats and more.
Free to download Find it here!

Odigo! - This cool item is MORE than just an instant messenger, but it can be easily configured in your profile allowing you to edit your interests to focus on what YOU want or what you're looking for out on the internet.
Download it's FREE!

Yahoo Messenger is FREE, includes real time chat, live voice chat, and much more.
Find Yahoo! Messenger here

LOOK AT THIS ONE- EyeBall Chat! Lets you video chat live, share video messsages, music and photos.
Download EyeBall Chat here

MSN Messenger - The latest version lets you call PC to PC free! instant sharing of files with your friends, the ability to send messages to pagers and cell phones, and the ability to sign in with your e-mail address. ALL for FREE!
Review and download here

Talk World - TalkWorld is a chat program that allows users to communicate either by text or by speech with anyone. It also offers a 3D virtual environment to roam around in. Sign up! It's FUN & FREE!

People Link - A nice way of keeping in touch for free offering: Message Boards Email Groups Voice Chat Instant Messaging Chat and Member Directories.
Link yourself to

HOTVOICE- Redefines Voice, fax, and email.
Try it

Chat n Tickle - Sign up it's FREE! A free internet chat program with no adverts!.
Chat n' Tickle here!

Netmeeting - FREE to download, easy to set up and use. If you have a Web Cam, you can visually see and hear others. Also has a whiteboard, Text chat, and file transfer. Has EXCELLENT sound quality!
Net this Here!

SKYPE - Skype is FREE Internet telephony that just works.
Check it out here

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