All gave some......Some gave all

FREEDOM ISN'T FREE!! - Outstanding presentations worth watching created by Todd Clegg. These are a great reminder to all families of the husbands, wives, sons, and daughters that have given their lives for their country and those who are currently serving.
We must not forget those who serve and sacrifice for the rest of us. (Thank you Hans for suggesting this site)
PLEASE NOTE! : These are VERY SLOW to load but so very worth it, please be patient

See all the tributes here with pictures and music of those who serve!!

An excellent Flash video someone made here - a MUST SEE!
Turn up speakers and view We Support You!

See also I Kissed My Son Good-Bye

This is "PARTLY" why our men and women are OVER THERE
( WARNING! You WILL see the many faces of those that died there that sad day - pictures say a thousand words...)
9/11 changed everything.. We Will Never Forget
If the above web site link is not working try it here (please be patient for it to load)

A 9/11 Tribute Flash Video
"If there must be trouble let it be in my day, that my child may have peace" ~ Thomas Paine
Click here to Play or Download (warning! some graphic and painful images)

If the above video does not work, click here to Play or Download Thank you! in .wmv format

Support Your Troops - This web site is designed as a place where people can show their support for the military.
Regardless of your opinions on war or U.S. foreign policy, take some time to show YOUR troops that you support them.
Show your support here - is run by current military personnel and recent veterans from all branches of the United States Armed Services.
(There is a small YEARLY fee of $16.95 to join this one) Read all that it offers under the JOIN link.
Already in the military? Gain access to helpful articles, advice, and more... Smart Soldier

United States Armed Forces News Services - this site includes news, photos, blogs and more
Check out USAFNS here

America Supports You - This one has many ways on how you can show your support for our troops along with very good information links.
Find ways to Support our Troops here!
Send a message to show your support here!
Post a message to our Soldiers HERE! - Become a member here for free- it offers news, resources, information, buddy finder and more..
Review and sign up here

Operation Uplink - Let Freedom Ring...Until they come home, they'll bring voices from home.
Visit this one here!
Request a Phone Card FREE-takes 4 to 6 weeks

Operation HomeLink - provides free refurbished computers to either parents or spouses of deployed service men and women in the ranks of E-1 through E-5. Their program enables email communications between families and their loved ones deployed outside of the continental United States.
Read about this here

Military Connections - This one offers Free military and reunion search along with other great links!

Military Family Network - is made available through the help of military families like you who take the time to record their experiences and pass along their community knowledge.
Register with this one for free
Have questions? Visit their Forums here

Heroes At Home - This site offers a free "Heroes At Home" kit for the military families after one member has been deployed
SIGN up or Donate for Heroes At Home Kit here

Some touching poems found here such as Freedom is NOT Free, A Fallen Soldier, Military Wife by the late Erma Bombeck and more...
Read these here

Wings of Might - by Daniel Basden, US Army 2003. A great poem here, followed by other links to inspirational poems, pictures, and prayers found on this web site.
Wings of Might

Where'd YOU GO?

This is my Son-in-law, DJ when in Fallujah April 2006 helping to train the Iraqi Police. The images are extracted from the video found below

Click here to play or download DJ in Fallujah images here

Video of DJ in Fallujah April 2006 helping to train the Iraqi Police
Since this video, DJ was then sent to Ramadi, Iraq.
We are PRAYING he gets to come home safe & sound November 2006

DJ is finally HOME from IRAQ! And my daughter Nelja was there to greet him!
Click the video below to watch the Homecoming ceremony that took place Dec 5th, 2006.
This news report aired on the Kansas Local news Channel
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Videos by vMix Member: CindyRilla
Also Read / watch this NEWS REPORT found HERE on
I wished we could have been there. But this News video made us feel like we were right there with them!

READ an ARTICLE on an INCIDENT that happened to the 300th MP Division here

Read & See "LITTLE GIRL" here by Micheal Yon

Fallen Heroes Memorial - is an online memorial for all of the fallen service members of Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation Enduring Freedom, including photos and visitor-submitted messages.
Read this one here

DO SOMETHING about this!!!

Write to the ACLU NOW!
DEMAND they pull their support from an organization that preaches: HATE, Discrimination, Racism, and Prejudice!!

Need more reasons to WRITE the ACLU?? Watch these below!!

As seen on Hannity & Colmes (listen to this WHOLE video to learn ALL who this organization HATES!)

As seen on FOX News 06/10/2006 - THANK YOU Julie Banderas!

For every ONE complaint heard, there are at LEAST TEN that go unheard.
MAKE YOUR VOICE HEARD and spread the word!
Write to the ACLU NOW!

I bust my @ss to teach my children, as have many generations before me, NOT to do what this organization is preaching out there!

I am all for Freedom of Speech but I don't believe our men and women over our history that have
fought and died for our freedom (NOT JUST THIS WAR in Iraq), ever thought it would be for Freedom to be F**ked!

Freedom isn't free But membership is

Read and view video of Group Protests at Soldier's Funeral THANK YOU PGR for being there!!

<bgsound src="Music/Enya May It Be.mp3" controls="smallconsole">

Lyrics to song: May It Be ~ Enya


May it be an evening star

Shines down upon you

May it be when darkness falls

Your heart will be true

You walk a lonely road

Oh! How far you are from home


Mornie utķliŽ (darkness has come)

Believe and you will find your way

Mornie alantiŽ (darkness has fallen)

A promise lives within you now


May it be the shadows call

Will fly away

May it be you journey on

To light the day

When the night is overcome

You may rise to find the sun


Mornie utķliŽ (darkness has come)

Believe and you will find your way

Mornie alantiŽ (darkness has fallen)

A promise lives within you now


A promise lives within you now

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