Software Search Sites

Looking for software, utilities, games, etc?? Below are a few that I find quite reliable and where I search first to find all that I need. What these sites offer are freeware, shareware, demo's, and beta software (some giving their own reviews) as well as other helpful links.

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Must Have Items
Free Stuff Links

CNET - Offers an excellent sight with a multitude of terrific links such as New releases, reviews, updates, shopping, GREAT search engine! Software for Windows to Linux and MUCH more. Type FREEWARE in their search box and explore!
Go to MAIN page here

ZDnet - Another excellent one to visit, easy to understand, well organized, reports updated news, and with a great search engine!
Many links and reviews!

It's Free 4 U - Completely free software downloads and reviews here!
Very nice and FREE

Snap Files - Excellent site to visit and bookmark! Find many FREEWARE & Shareware items here! It also has other excellent links and information!
Snap to it here

FileHungry - Great one here to search for FreeWare and other software that work with Windows, Linux, Mac, or Handhelds
Snap to it here - Nice site here offering various software and well organized.
Take a Byte or two here

NONAGS- great reliable one to visit for free software and has been around since 1995.
Check it out

Kids FreeWare- Internet Freebies just for kids!
Something for the little ones!

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