Search Engines
I've gathered a few of my own search sites to help you find what you are looking for.
Looking for software? Try my other links here:
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Free Stuff Links

Colossus!- International Directory of search engines-search engines and directories from 195 countries and 55 territories around the world!
Search Colossuss here!

GOOGLE - Strange name but an AWESOME SEARCH site! It's EASY & simple to use! Just type in the SEARCH box what you're seeking!
Go here for your search!

Search Europe - Nice web site with various links in Europe.
Search Europe here

Northern Light Search - Very nice, easy to use, and powerful.
Have a visit here

ChangeDetect! - is a FREE service that saves your favorite web pages, monitors content for changes and sends an automatic email notification to you whenever your web pages are updated.
Check it out AND FOR FREE!

Ditto - is a leading VISUAL search engine. Ditto enables you to navigate the Web through PICTURES.
SEE the web with Ditto here

Nedsite - The ULTIMATE People Finder Website - It's MASSIVE!
Be sure to Bookmark this one!

infoUSA - Bookmark this one! Very helpful search/lookup site with terrific useful links!

Search EVERYTHING - Another excellent one to try!
Try it-find it here!

Ask Jeeves! - Jeeves will answer millions of questions by typing in your question and he brings back a multitude of choices!

Dog Pile - Have this little guy fetch for what you're looking for
Ask and he shall find! - They call it the Mother of All Search Engines! Hmmm..maybe mothers do know best?

Super Search - You can search by categories and regions with this one.
Click here to site

FreeWebCentral - This site offers free excellent information all in one place!
Check it for fun!

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