Music soothes the savage beast!

With music, we have memories and more...

IfniMidi - Great site with many links to most anything you want to hear in Midi format! Visit here to hear!

MP3 Encoder by TomaWeb - is a Freeware utility to let you copy songs and music from your favorite CDs to MP3 files. It has all the functionality you need. It's fully functional and FREE!
Visit TomaWeb and get MP3 Encoder HERE!

StepVoice Recorder - is a real-time recording software that records directly into MP3 format. It's great to use if you only want the AUDIO of a video file, or record a radio show off the internet, and fun to use in PalTalk!
RIGHT Click here for StepVoice Recorder v1.0b THIS version is FREE Newer versions of this are no longer free.
You can still find the Freeware version - LOOK for v1.0B StepVoice Recorder web site here

Audio Recorder for FREE by UPowerTech - is a real-time, sound-recording software that lets you record ANY sound from your sound card and save the recording directly to MP3, WMA, or WAV files.
Read, review, and download this Get it from CNET! from CNET here

CDex - is a freeware application, which is able to extract audio tracks from a CD-ROM digitally, and save those files to disk as either regular WAV file or MP3 files.. AND best of all it's FREE!!
AWESOME program!!

In memory of my first true love,Jamal. ~ Allah maek, may you rest in peace ~
A snippet from "You Light Up My Life" starring Didi Conn, sung by Debbie Boone.
A beautiful movie and song Jamal and I treasured.

You Light Up My Life
Uploaded by CindyPDX

And a great song here called "Sma7li Ighdab" which means Allow me to be Angry ..very fitting in more ways than one for us...

REAL Alternative - Media Player Classic- Need a no-nonsense RealAudio Player that is free to download and VERY easy to use? The very user-friendly installation is fully customizable, which means that you can install only those components that you want. It is highly recommended to uninstall all existing Real related software such as RealPlayer or RealOne Player, before installing this program. NOTE- This program also works VERY well with dBpowerAmp Music Converter! (See link BELOW for this program!)
Review and download this here

dBpowerAmp Music Converter-> by Illustrate. This awesome program will convert audio file format such as MP3 to Real Audio, Real Audio to wav or MP3 and more! ALSO NOTE- This program also works VERY well with Real Alternative Media Player Classic! (See ABOVE link for this program!)
FIND the last FREEWARE version HERE on LFV
Read more about this cool program here

Hoover Free Flash Player - Need music for your website? This sample flash music player can play up to 25 of your favorite mp3's continuously with the FREE version.
Check it out here!

Real Player - Download Real Player to listen to Real Media files (you might want to consider Real Alternative-see above link)
Get Real Player here!

SHOCKWAVE! - Try this site for some fun- Select MUSIC from the bar and ENJOY what Shockwave has to offer!
VISIT Main site Shockwave FUN here!

My Coke - This site offers fun free items such as Media, Games, Chat with friends on CokeStudios, Mix Music, Create your own Blogger and more.
Sign up for fun here

SHOUTcast - is Nullsoft's Free Winamp-based distributed streaming audio system. Thousands of broadcasters around the world are found here. You must have the FREE WinAmp Player to hear these.

Check out the MANY stations at SHOUTcast here

And GRAB WinAmp Player FREE here! - A fun 365 days LIVE Broadcast of ALL sorts of music! Listen to hundreds of stations created by people around the world or broadcast your own!

Atom Films - This AWESOME site works best if you have a FAST connection using Cable or xDSL.
See & hear a variety of films, music, comedy, animation and more. Free to sign up with!
It's a hoot! Bookmark & visit this!

A few highlights from "SURF'S UP". It not only has excellent animation, but OUTSTANDING music!
Surf's Up (Music) Highlights

1 2 3 4 ~ Feist

Feist - 1234
Uploaded by ListenToFeist

1234 Lyrics

This funny short musical video is great! A Cute Alien singing "I Will Survive"
Click here to Play or Download and ENJOY!

See this terrific video of children from Hong Kong doing a wonderful performance!
Link to video here Children performing from Hong Kong
If the above link does not work right click here to Download and ENJOY!

Streaming Clips- View and hear several Various Musical Video Clips on this site - Pretty cool site!
Visit Streaming Cips here

CHECK THIS OUT! FreeTube - Watch TV Free FREE ONLINE TV! Nothing to download!

CHANNELCHOOSER - This is ONE AWESOME site! AND NOTHING to download! Just click the TV channel YOU wish to watch!! This site has some excellent MUSICS VIDEO Channels here!
Bookmark this one! Watch it online FREE with ChannelChooser here!

MyVideoDaily - Awesome FREEWARE program! AND No adware, or spyware or banners! The Music Videos are great! It also has other great selections to view and watch.
Review and Download MyVideoDaily here

TV & WebCams Live - is an awesome program used to watch various broadcasts around the world for FREE. Be sure to check out the TV M3 - SUIÇA channel - it plays various music videos on this one!!
Read reviews and download this cool program from CNET here: TV & WebCams

- KSolo - The world's #1 Karaoke Experience. Sing it, record it, and send it!
Have fun with KSolo here!

Awesome UFO Drone Music Video created by Kris Avery . Music - Strange Craft by Drone

UFO Drone Video

I created this small video below from images I saved while watching web site
The music I added to the video is called "Oud el Somood " ~ by Doc Jazz
Read & hear more excellent songs from DOC JAZZ HERE

The Pyramids at Giza
Uploaded by CindyPDX

Check out other AWESOME tunes on Doc Jazz Music Radio!

Check out DOC Jazz on MYSPACE HERE

Visit Joaquin's Web Site Here!
See a video of Joaquin singing "MICHELLE" on LaunchCast Here!

Joaquin - "Michelle"
Video code provided by MoDev Records.


You gotta' check this one out! CovenvoX on MYSPACE!
Absolutely outstanding talent, incredible music with such an AWESOME VOICE!!

Check out Kevin's Music setup HERE Tons of tunes to choose from!

(On Flamplayer: You can click OPTIONS button for other variations. RAISE buffer rate to 30 seconds if you are on dial up)

Another cool Music player you can add to your web site for FREE!
Check this one out that I created (for each PLAYLIST you can have up to 74 songs!.

Create yours for FREE and add it to MySpace, Facebook, Hi5 and more from HERE on Project Playlist

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