Learn or Build it and they shall come!

Want to learn to make a homepage, understand Windows, or something new such as SQL, Access, Excel and MORE? Below are a few suggestions for starters. See LOWER section for FREE online tutorials & courses. I will post more as I find them -so check back again and have fun!

Also check out UPDATES link here

Visit CNet here This site offers Free online courses & Tech help!

Teach Me HTML -Start teaching yourself the easy way with Teach Me HTML. This program shows you each keystroke required, guiding you through every step of the coding process. It's FREE!

Nutrocker- Offers numerous FREE online courses here such as: HTML, Javascript, Frontpage, Photoshop, MS Access, Web Development and more!
Have a look here

Page Tutor- This site offers a very nice overview of HOW to make a WEB page and the author has a funny sense of humor. Also from this site you can also download the WEBTUTOR program (freeware) which gives an excellent set of Web page authoring tutorials for both the novice and advanced HTML author. It also offers a download in .zip format for your convenience.
Have a look here!

Webopedia- The only online dictionary and search engine you need for computer and Internet technology.
Find out here

Webmonkey- The web developer's resource. Has an excellent How-TO library and quick references link.
Monkey around with it here

*** Fun & FREE Web site tools! ***

Boldchat - enables a webmaster to chat with visitors in real-time. If you are NOT available, it allows visiters to send you an email. Their FREE plan offers no adverts to visitors, and no time limit. Other than the Net Framework requirement needed to run Boldchat, it is easy to configure and work with. This is great for personal or professional use! (Update - version 2 is still free NOT version 4.0 )
Get your for free here

TomaWeb Freeware - offers fantastic FREE programs such as Simple FTP, Voice E-email, MP3 Encoder, ZIPit, Image Mapper, FTP Uploader, Disk Usage Calculator, and more!
Get great Freeware from TomaWeb here!

PowerBullet Presenter - is a small, simple program for creating presentations in the Flash™ format. Use it to put Flash Presentations on your web site, or create standard presentations easily that you can customize. You can create online or offline presentations for HTML, or as an .exe file to use with Powerpoint. With this awesome program, you can have your first presentation together in no time if you're familiar with using a basic word processor.
Review and download this here!

Net 3 Media - Great site with MANY FREE things to use on your web site!
Bookmark this Site!

ZeroWeb - A free online resource for webmasters. Provides a variety of free downloads, tools, and services
Great fun at ZeroWEB.org

3D TextMaker - Create FREE 3D Banners for your website here! Also visit their LINK to FREE 3D Animated Graphics!
Design it here!
Also visit the other fun sight GifWorks-Free online image e-tool!

GUI Stuff! - This one offers you MANY free tools to create a great looking website.
REALLY AWESOME site to visit!

Serif Software - Has great software with Imagination, is 100% completely free and NO gimmicks. Programs include PagePlus, PhotoPlus, WebPlus, DrawPlus, 3DPlus, with great tutorials and support.
Check Here

ImageShack is a great place to upload your pictures for FREE! You can also create a FREE Photoblog to share with others, or put make a FLIPBook for your web site or Blogger site. Lots of fun uses with this web site!

See a ImageShack photo I uploaded here
See my ImageShack Photoblog here

Fotolog- is a website that lets you easily put your digital photos on the web in a daily log format. If friends/family have their own Fotologs, you can see everyone's latest photos on one page and link back and forth to each other. And, you can comment in each other's guest books
Visit FotoLog here

*** Create your Website or Blogger here ***

SiteKreator - is an easy online site-creation tool. It allows you to build the website you want with no effort, and NO BANNERS included! Check out the what others have made using SiteKreator, view the tutorials and FAQ's.
No need to know HTML or codes Just make your web site here!

United Net - Free Web Hosting, No Ads
Get 15MB of FREE web space, full FTP access, complete SSI support, colour statistics, unlimited email forwardings & catch-all email address, password protected directories, error 404 pages, .htaccess support and more.

Blogger - A blog is your easy-to-use web site, where you can quickly post thoughts, interact with people, and more. All for FREE with this site.
Take a look Here

tBlog - Offers yourname.tblog.com, No Banners, Fully Customizable Look, Archiving, Commenting, Page Statistics, Image Upload Tool, tFRIEND Access, tBLOG Store Access, Add custom HTML, FREE Blog Hosting
Excellent Blogger site Here

Another Free place to check

Xanga - is a community of online diaries and journals. Here you can start your own free journal, share thoughts with friends, and meet new friends too.
Sign up with the Weblog Community Xanga Here

*** Various FREE Online Courses and Tutorial Sites ***

FSTutorials - offers an easy way to learn PhotoShop.
Visit FSTutorials here

HP Learning Center Offers free online courses under catergories such as Sotware Technology courses, IT Professional courses, Business and Productivity courses to name a few.
See what HP has to offer for FREE

Learnthat! - Search and find what you would like to learn from this site! MANY to choose from
CHECK this one!

Computer Education and Resources - Free computer courses online
Book mark this this one!

Barnes & Noble University- NOT only does B & N have some of the GREATEST online prices for books and more but also offers FREE Online courses! If the other sites don't offer what you are looking for at the time, look here as well!

Free Online School - Learn HTML, Database, Internet, Operating systems and Programming
Knowledge is power! Get Powered!

WinPlanet - A World of Premium Windows Information. This excellent site also has terrific helpful tutorials going over various Window products.
Have a look!

Planit Pepperdine - A nice site offering many ONLINE tutorials!
It's worth a look!

SQL Course - Another nice introductory SQL tutorial online- This site provides easy-to-understand instructions while learning and using the on-line SQL interpreter.
Learn SQL Online

Tech Tutorials - Terrific site for the techie kind having many informative links to terrific information. Hey, it's not just for the guys anymore!
Check these tutorials out

Free Academy of Career Training - The Free Academy of Career Training will provide you with FREE, COMPUTER-BASED EDUCATION via the Internet! You do pay a VERY small fee if you decide to continue the chosen course after so many modules. This site offers the following: CNE, MCSE, or A+ Certification, COMPUTER PROGRAMMING, INTERNET WEBMASTER SPECIALIST, INTERNET APPLICATION DEVELOPER in addition to other terrific services for those who sign up.
Give yourself a chance! Try this out today!!

Microsoft Access Tutorials - Learn Access with this ON-Line version- A great place to start if you are interested in learning MS ACCESS. Acrobat Reader is required and offered on the site as well.
Access it here!

Free Skills - Excellent site offering 200 online courses for FREE for beginners to advanced!
Check the FREE COURSE Catalog LINK!

FREE-ED.net! - Another wonderful FREE ONLINE COURSE site to review! No FEES, NO books to buy- JUST FREE

Find Tutorials - A terrific site to use-FIND just about ANYTHING you wish to learn for FREE here!
Try the Search Engine too

Britannica - Brings you the best websites, leading magazines & news, related books, and the complete Encyclopedia Britannica online for FREE!

How Stuff Works - Wonder how stuff works such as a digital camera, a cell phone, a car engine, and more? This excellent site just might have the answer for you! It also has awesome links!
Find your answers here!

eHow - Clear Instructions on How To Do (just about) Everything
Try it here!

GE Financial Learning - Interesting site offering FREE Online Courses going over financial planning, annuities, life insurance, investments and more.
Scroll down to Try Our Free Online Courses

Financial Management Training Center- Fast Free Learning in Business Finance. This site offers excellent financial courses for free and has a wealth of information to use and learn from
Bookmark this site!

Bob Bowman's Guide - Excellent guide to FREE Educational Technology. Has many helpful links such as Free Online tutorial, how to guides, educational freeware and more!
Visit Bob Bowman here!

Annoyances Org- A terrific site offering wonderful information to help you cope and understand Windows.
Frustrated or confused with Windows? Visit here for help

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