List of Free ISP's
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No Charge - Offers FREE unlimited internet service and without banners or adds. However, at this time, ACCESS PHONE NUMBERS are found only in Washington, and New England.
SIGN up for a Free account here

Netzero - Has a sizable banner to deal with and many connect numbers to access FREE internet connection- They offer 10 hours free-find it on link below

MetConnect - is a New York City's FREE ISP. Free to sign up, has about 7 different area codes located in New York, no banners or adds, no time limit or spyware.
Sign up it's FREE

Free Access - (NL site) For those in the Netherlands check here

Juno offers 10 hours free a month (hint- if you have a free Netzero, sign up with Juno with a different name)
Find Free JUNO sign up here

Freedom List - is an impartial listing of ISP's with a purpose to provide an easy way to find and review free or cheap Internet access.
This link is for US locations only, but you can also click to their main site to review more Check Freedom List here

***Other terrific links for looking up ISP's and other helpful information ***

Bandwidth Speeds Tests links found here. This one offers several links to test your Broadband speed.
Find one near you Here!

2Wire! - Test your connection speed here! Find the box and CLICK ON SPEED METER to get your connection speed.
Test your connection on W2wire

DSL Reports - Another terrific site to visit regarding DSL and more!
DSL Reports

Speed Guide Net - VERY informative site that includes instructions to fix Windows9X, Cable & xDSL Tweaks, security issues and more! Don't take my word for it - check it our yourself, you'll be glad you did!
Bookmark and review Check this out!

The List - Nice one here that offers an excellent definitive buyer's guide to Internet Service Providers-those companies that provide access to the Internet. Search easily by area code, country code, US, and Canada

ISP Finder - Easy to search ISP's by various USA area codes reporting what ISP's services offer, pricing, and is updated frequently
ISP Finder

CNET Chart & Compare ISP - This new tool lets you compare the performance of the most common Internet service providers with lists of average speeds ranging from Dial-up to all Broadband types
Check CNET here

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