Free email & forwarding Services!

Sometimes we need other ways to keep up with our email.
Below are a few I've tried offering great various types of services for free.

Email Remover - Simply the Best & the Easiest to use!

Free Anti Spam Software

Email Remover is a useful anti spam tool that allows you to view your emails from POP3 server by showing you headers. You can remove them in seconds without downloading it if you receive unwanted mail like huge attachments or spam.

Walla! Me Email - NOW Offers 3 GIGABYTE of FREE email storage space online! Great no-nonsense, easy to use email that also offers nice stationary backgrounds to choose from. It can also send or receive .exe and .zip files unlike Gmail accounts
Sign up for here!

1-More Minishow - With this awesome software, you can Compact MiniShow for e-mail, E-mail distribution as .exe or .zip file, Create an Image Gallery, Upload images with the FTP and more! When you email the exe file created to family or friends, the end user only has to double click the file, and it runs your various images as a terrific SlideShow! NOTHING will install on their machine (Example pic provided below of what the end user will see)
Grab this outstanding program here!

Ofoto (a Kodak Company)- Have pictures you'd like to send to family and friends- but some use limited email accounts and can't receive them? This Ofoto is so cool! You can easily upload your pics, write descriptions, and email to family and friends and they can then easily see your photo album on line!
Sign up here it's Free!

OfotoNOW 3.0! AND Don't forget to get OfotoNow 3.0 Features include- Easy uploading, Red-eye reduction and photo rotation and create Screen savers and slide shows FREE!
Review and take the tour here!

Clark PhotoShow - with this great FREE program you can create slide shows with your photos, wallpaper, screen savers, share photos with friends and family and more.
Free to download and sign up with Clark PhotoShow

IncrediMail - IncrediMail offers a wide array of customizable and personalized special features. Combined with Web-Gallery's ever-growing collection of exciting content, your contacts will not only appreciate your creativity, they will also be impressed. You can also configure it to handle your mulitple email accounts such as with Gmail etc.
Check this FREE AWESOME item here!
Not convinced? Read MORE about IncrediMail here!

Find it at SNAPFILES- find MANY E-mail Notification FREEWARE programs at this great web site!
Many to choose from all are free!

RapidShare - is an absolutely free web-hosting service for providing webspace on their servers without the need to sign-up. Just select a file and upload it! You will get your download-link and a secret delete-link immediately. File size limit to send or receive for free is up to 50 megs
Send or Receive files with RapidShare

PutFile - is a FREE dedicated digital media hosting service. Here you can upload videos and images to the internet for free. You can quickly upload images or video files for use on forums, blogs, or websites from this site.
Try this out here
You also can create a free photo album at here

GigaShare - is a Free Service that allows you to share your Files on the Internet. It's easy and 100% Free. No registration or hassle. Just select the file you want to Share and click the Upload button. They will share your Movies, Pictures, Documents, Zipfiles or any other file. Their free service is intended for users that want a quick and easy way to host their files. The maximum Filesize for Images is 2MB. The maximum Filesize for any other File is 50MB.
Try this out here

SaveFile - Another FREE online great service! It will send or receive up to 60 megs and can be downloaded unlimited amount of times
Try SaveFile here

MegaUpload - Have a file to big to email? Try this FREE online service! Send or receive up to 500 megs here
Try this MegaUpload here

FileFactory - This one allows you to upload up to 300 Megs for free. NOTE: After 7 days of NO ACTIVITY, the download link expires. All files are uploaded through your browser. There is no fee to use their service - it's totally free!
Find FileFactory here

YouSendit - Here is another great online file transfer site. This FREE online service will send or receive up to 100 megs in size.
Try here

SendSpace - This FREE online excellent service will send or receive up to 300 megs in size! NOTE: After 7 days of NO ACTIVITY, the download link expires.

myDataBus - Gives you 5 Gigabytes of FREE online storage. With myDataBus, you can get your files anytime, anywhere. Upload up to 500 megs at a time. The easiest way to store, transfer, and share your files online. This integrates with Facebook, works with MySpace and eBay. Email LARGE files with ease.
Sign up for FREE with myDataBus here

Big Foot - An excellent one here. This one not only gives you FREE email for life, and will FORWARD your email (privately) up to FIVE email addresses!

TomaWeb Freeware! They offer some really nice programs such as Voice Email, Simple FTP, MP3 Encoder, and more!
Review and download these great programs here! TRY TOMAWEB FREEWARE!

Mail Start! - Nice site to visit to check your POP3 EMAIL from ANY where on ANY computer with NOTHING to download!
However, this is no longer a Free Service but a great bargain for $18 bucks a year!

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