Andrew & Cameron
Born 07/31/03
From then to now!

Andrew 4 weeks old after the Pyloric Stenosis Surgery

Cameron at 4 weeks old

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Andrew & Cameron Easter 2005 See Flash Video of it here

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One Egg Different From the Rest...
On August 13, 2007, one of our Twin boys, Cameron, was diagnosed with "Autism Spectrum Disorder" during their 4 yr old annual check up. A few days later, I caught this song on one of the twins favorite TV shows, and it REALLY cheered me up!
The song is called Duck 4 ~ by Leon Thomas II

Watch or Download this HERE

One of our twin boys,CAMERON, was "finally & officially" diagnosed with
Autism Spectrum Disorder on August 13 2007 shortly after they turned 4 years old.

*1 in 150 children are born with Autism
*BOYS are diagnosed with Autism 4X more often than Girls.
*A new case is diagnosed nearly EVERY 20 minutes!
*More children will be diagnosed with Autism THIS YEAR than AIDS, Diabetes, and Cancer COMBINED


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Andrew & Cameron waiting in car for Dad- March 2006

Check this page out! Lil' Army of Love Andrew & Cameron Halloween 2005

CLICK HERE to see Andrew & Cameron MAY 2006 (2.5 year olds) View this online, or download video from here!

Cameron out for a drive, Sept. 2005 (pictured in orange outfit)
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Cameron & Andrew 25 months,Sept. 2005 at Oaks Park
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Andrew & Cameron at 24 months, August 2005 (test vid w/ new camera)
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Andrew & Cameron with 10 yr old friend Zack - July 2005 in .wmv format.

Andrew & Cameron Counting - June 2005 in .wmv format.

Hyper Andrew & Calm Cameron 15 months
(Just how many times does Andrew run by in this?)

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