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NOTE: This article is no longer found online. I saved this article when I first found it and had sent it to my daughter, Nelja. Fortunately DJ, my son-in-law was not on shift when this happened to his fellow comrades from the 300th MP Company, on Sept 18, 2006.

Wayland soldier survives suicide bomb

October 20, 2006


Recent rumors that a bomb in Iraq killed Spc. Gabe Rookus are incorrect, said stepmother Sandi Rookus. Gabe Rookus, son of Wayland police officer Mark Rookus, survived the Sept. 18 bombing in Ramadi, Iraq.

Spc. Rookus, a member of the 300th MP Company, is recuperating at Brooke Medical Hospital at Fort Sam Houston, Texas, near San Antonio, where he may remain for up to three months, Sandi Rookus said.

According to The Associated Press, the incident occurred at a police station that was hit by two suicide bombers. The AP reported that at least two Iraqi police were killed, and around 26 wounded. The Rookus family heard that six Iraqi police were killed, and that two other U.S. soldiers were seriously wounded.

At around 11 a.m., in Iraq, Rookus heard gunfire, grabbed his gear, and made his way to a rooftop. After an explosion rocked the building, the building collapsed and Rookus was buried beneath the rubble. Rookus' lieutenant discovered him, Sandi Rookus said. The lieutenant was injured, but was treated and released, she said.

Rookus suffered second- and third-degree burns on over 30 percent of his body and his right leg has third-degree burns, which will require skin grafts, Sandi Rookus said.

Among the U.S. soldiers who were seriously injured were Scott McDermond and Cpl. David Warrick, Sandi Rookus said.

"Scott McDermond is the driver for Gabe," she said. "They have been together the last two years.

McDermond suffered second-degree burns over 18 percent of his body.

Rookus and McDermond, who are close friends, were placed in the same hospital room, Sandi Rookus said.

Wayland soldier survives suicide bomb

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At press time, Warrick remains in a drug-induced coma, Sandi Rookus said. Warrick was burned on over 47 percent of his body, and suffered from inhaling fire into his esophagus and lungs.

It was around 5 a.m. Monday, Sept. 18, in Michigan, when Rookus' wife Sarah was notified by military officials. Sarah Rookus arrived at the hospital at Fort Sam Houston on Sept. 24. Mark and Sandi Rookus left Wayland for Fort Sam Houston on Sept. 27.

After rumors circulated that Rookus was killed, the family began receiving condolences by e-mail that read, "Sorry to hear your son as killed," Sandi Rookus said.

Rookus has been on medication and "going in and out," but has been able to talk about the incident, Sandi Rookus said.

It may have been Rookus' weapon that prevented him from being crushed by the collapse of the building. He told his stepmother that his weapon landed in a vertical position and may have helped to prop up some of the debris.

Rookus graduated from Wayland Union High School in 2000, and has been in the service for two years. He and Sarah Rookus have two sons: Clay, 3; and Cole, 1. Rookus has five siblings: Angela, 21; Heather, 21; Lee Anne, 19; Levi, 17; and Mercedes, 12.

Cole is too young to understand what happened to his father, but "Clay is very bothered by it," Sandi Rookus said. "He can see that mom's been upset. It's been a very emotional time. It's chaotic, and it still is."

Mark and Sandi Rookus said they greatly appreciated the recent calls, cards, and prayers for their son.

"I'll be all right, once I can see him and hug him," Sandi Rookus said.

Cards or letters can be sent to Spc. Rookus at:

Powless Guest House

3298 George C. Beach Rd.

Fort Sam Houston, TX, 78234-7569

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Below is a video of the 300th MP Companys "HOMECOMING" on Dec 5th, 2006 . DJ & Nelja are presented in this video news report.
At the end of this video you hear the reporter state "that there were NO CASUALTIES."

Uploaded by CindyPDX

Below is the short "edited" version of when DJ was in Camp Fallujah Iraq - April 2006
(Shortly after this was filmed, the 300th MP Company was sent to hell hole Ramadi)
**NOTE: Click on video to play, then hit pause for a bit so it can load, then hit play**

Click here to play or download DJ in Fallujah images to know which one is DJ in the videos

Below is the LONGER "unedited" version of the CAMP FALLUJAH 2 Minute Report- April 2006.
In this version you see John McCain there for a visit as well as DJ in the latter part of the video.

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